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    This is a 2 human player game
    The object of the game is to have the majority of your color discs on the board at the end of the game
    Black always move first
    A move consists of "outflanking" your opponent's disc(s), then flipping the outflanked disc(s) to your color
    If a player can't place his disc, the game will automatically change the turn
    You can know the turn by the color of the background

    You can play against a friend on the same device or alone vs the machine on 1 player mode. It has 2 levels of difficulty

    Othello classic is the the old school othello, one of the most famous games ( don't confuse with reversi or otelo, reversi it's a similar game, but they are not te same, and otelo doesnt exists ). The game starts with a 8x8 board with 2 white stones and 2 black stones. The back player start moving and the game ends when there is no moves left (the board is full or one player doesn't have any stones)
    It's a game for 2 player, but if you are alone you can practise with the 1 player mode.

    The game is made with phonegap and is available on the apple store too.

    This version have ads, you can purchase a paid version without ads on the amazon app store.

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