Preschooler ABC 4 Kids



Preschooler ABC 4 Kids a Learning base Game for kids to recognize Alphabets shapes and sounds

Building a solid foundation for future learning for Kids?

This Preschool (Preschooler, Nursery) ABC 4 Kids Learning Application Provides step by step learning which Build up Kid’s Base of English Alphabets.
Kid’s READY to LEARN…!

“PreSchooler ABC 4 Kids” is our second Application in our “Games for Nursery Kids” Series specially developed for Kid’s Educational Purpose. Infants, toddlers & preschoolers enjoy alphabets pronounced by a Female School Teacher. Your child can learn Full English Alphabet, new words, shapes and spelling, vowel with Teacher Sound.

To Sort out the Performance a Quiz Series is provided in this Application which enables parent to review performance of their Kid that how much he has learned.

Capital & Small ALPHABET with sounds
Alphabet with Eye Catching Images of object
Ultimate Quiz Series
Guess Vowel in a given sequence of Alphabets.
Guess a missing letter in a provided Alphabet sequence.
Guess alphabet of corresponding sound played
Guess alphabet of provided Object Image.

Have Fun……..!

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