Pulse Lie Detector FREE (REAL)



This lie detector is 100% real.
It uses the suspects pulse rate and advanced
algorithms to determine if they are lying.

- True polygraph technology.
- 90% accurate when used correctly.
- Trick mode to always read lie!
- No invasive ads
- BMP Threshold Setting (Ensures accuracy)
(If your BMP is off set this setting!)

IMPORTANT! (Easy to do)
Set the BMP Threshold setting before using on
a suspect. All phones are different and the
threshold setting was created to personalize
your phone for accuracy. Play around with it
until you get accurate results!

However, The heart rate BPM does not have to
be 100% accurate, this is why we have added
powerful pulse algorithms for lie detection.

Free version. Does not come with AntiTheft
Alarm and is not ad free.

How It works -
When used on someone they must be under the
assumption they will be caught in a lie. As
with a polygraph test this will induce a
stress response in most people causing the
heart rate to rise. Thus making it possible
to detect lies.

Thank you and enjoy this powerful app.
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- NightSky Apps

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