Puzzle of Ukiyo-e

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    Ukiyo-e is a puzzle game.
    Was in the Ukiyo-e Hokusai's famous puzzle in the world.
    Prints "Ukiyo-e" that prosperity is an art to represent Japan in the Edo period. Has been known to have influenced the Impressionist artists, such as the 19th century, many overseas.
    Japan gave birth to the world's masters Hokusai
    Only one person was elected as a Japanese to "100 people were great achievements in this year 1000" of "LIFE" magazine of the United States, 1999 "Katsushika Hokusai".
    Among the great paints of Hokusai, "a term for the so-called" (1833) four years from Tempo (1820) was revised three years Bunsei issue is the most was shining "Tameichi (one good) and". Has created a masterpiece and the next thing we assortment of (multi-color Ukiyo-e) nishikie representative to Hokusai (1830-1834) beginning with the "Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji" around the beginning of the Tempo Among them.
    Showed to be expressed with different water 描法 figure all eight countries the name of the waterfall "countries around the waterfall." Attention to the novel structure of the bridge and drew a bridge of countries at various angles "Run bridge odd countries." Has been known as a masterpiece drawn was published in tandem with the "Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji" either. Doe Yohachi Nishimuraya long life of one publisher is Common to these three series. It is said that production was organized by the "Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji", the leading wholesaler at the time this land. Hokusai has created a masterpiece group remain in the history of ukiyo-e prints in combination with the Hall long life anyway.
    Katsushika Hokusai, the (1760), was born in Edo Horeki 10 years.
    Hand dexterity that he was young, familiar picture of the training under the ukiyo-e woodblock engraver of, at the age of apprenticeship in chapter 19 is spring Katsukawa ukiyo-e was a popular person at the time. The art world debut in the name of "low Katsukawa spring" in the following year.
    Hokusai ambition and the curious will learn the techniques of painting and Chinese painting all the Kano school, and Western painting, working on a variety of ukiyo-e paintings, such as sumo to painting beautiful illustrations, picture actor, also of this genre, the law of its own image I went to establish.
    There was a temporary thing had been said excommunication for much of his passion for drawing, to study secretly to another school teacher silently. Hokusai will make a hardship, design of Ukiyo-e is, of course, also, such as fans and lanterns, roll randomly to draw on the side anyway, did not draw that never quit.
    It was his name in real estate, "Kay thirty-six Fugaku" continuous cropping landscapes. Hokusai was established as a genre typical of ukiyo-e paintings by this landscape.
    When I worked on this work, Hokusai has already past the age of 70, late-blooming was a great deal compared to other painters. Hokusai called "draw" anything in particular obsession with all things in nature burn, the motivation is not entirely even in decline, in his later years, such as painting or attempt to or glass engraving, and was also interested in oil painting but .
    Hokusai continued to paint until his death intently at the age of 90, leaving a number of works were also referred to as the end point of about 30,000. Leaving those words is that he died or when "the heavens for another ten years, if that is allowed for at least another five years ... if it was allowed to Nagaraeru life, I would have definitely become a real painter with" and.
    Hokusai was hoping developing their own, and still want to be better until the end.
    The name of the "crazy old man painting" in his grave It is said that is engraved. This is Hokusai himself is referred to as "madman painting" to himself, one of the issue (pen name as a painter) had been using. What and where, strange to say that example really.

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