Quiz Tune: Social Music Trivia




    ●Social Music Trivia Game!!

    - For anyone who enjoys listening to music
    - Fastest to correctly guess the song your listening to wins!
    - Compete against your friends and family
    - Speed and accuracy is the key!
    - All your favorite SHAKE songs included! As well as past legendary songs and today's greatest hits!

    - K-Pop
    - J-Pop
    - Movie & Animation OST
    - Indonesian Pop
    - Thailand Pop
    - The Philippines Pop

    Log in with Facebook or use Email addresses to find your friends to compete!

    Compete against others and be the ultimate music king!

    ●How to Play
    1. Log in with Facebook or create your account with your email.
    2. Choose your opponent and the music genre, and start competing!
    3. Correctly guess the song you are listening to.
    4. Person who guess correctly the fastest wins!

    ●About Items
    Stuck on a problem? Use items to help you out!

    1. Hint: Improve your chance to 50%! This item will remove 2 out of 4 potential answers.

    2. Combo Continue: This item will maintain your combos even if you get the problem wrong. Higher combos will give you higher scores & more EXPs!

    3. EXP Bonus: Use this item to boost your EXPs and level up faster. Higher levels will unlock more songs for you to enjoy!

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