Ring Defense Beta



Ring Defense is a brand new and advanced Tower Defense Game for Android.

* Rings in 7 colors. Every color has a special effect: Poison, Slow, ...
* Combine rings with different colors to create new special effects.
* Place the rings in towers, lasers, generators, traps, ... to kill thousands of creeps.
* Build a maze with towers so your enemies have a long way to travel.
* Every ring is upgradeable 42 times.
* Play 7 unique game modes like Sudden Death, Time Trial or Endurance.
* Throw ring bombs.
* 100% wonderful vector graphics.
* More than 100 kinds of monsters. Kill bugs, dictators, shapes from Tetris or even Pac-Man and his friends.
* More than 25 skills that help you to kill more creeps.
* A level editor to create and uploaded your own maps and campaigns.

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