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    Roads - The Strategy Board Game

    Roads is a strategy board game for two players. With influences from other popular strategy board games, perhaps it could be described as a mixture between Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Roads, Board Game has very simple rules, but is yet challenging and addictive. Roads is played by 2 persons with one player at each short side of the device.

    The idea of "Roads" is simple, connect your starting point with your goal before your opponent.

    Both players holds a hand with up to 4 road cards. Each players also start the game with one coin but can collect more along the game. Use coins to clear the way or to sabotage your opponents roads.

    This board game is played in a turn based mode. Start every turn by selecting new cards.

    Choose between three different board sizes, 11x11 , 13x13 or 15x15.

    Play roads with your friend and find out who is the master of strategy.

    Please feel free to report bugs or propose improvements.

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