ScAPPergories :: ONLINE

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    Face the world with ScAPPergories :: ONLINE
    Now you can play against iPhone, Android and Facebook users!!

    Who's gonna be the "Lord of the Words"?

    Punch the sheet, read the picked letter and..start the game!
    Write down as fast as you can the longest words jumping to your mind and belonging to the all available categories.

    The longest the words entered, the least time spent to complete the all categories, the highest the score.

    The challenge is open!
    All of you enjoy ScAPPergories!

    Game modality:

    Play against iPhone, Android and Facebook users.
    Choose among the numerous available tables to enter to.
    2-3-5-10-25 players challenges with 1-3-5-10 letters and a lot of categories to play with.
    As the table's full, the challenge starts!
    Write down the longest words jumping to your mind belonging to the playing categories.
    The longest the entered words, the highest the score!
    But warning! If two or more players write down the same word, the score get halved!
    Be the first to end the game while the other players have just few seconds to end the game!
    Play ONLINE, face the world and be the ScAPPergories :: ONLINE champion.

    Choose among the 10 available categories
    Punch the sheet and write down the longest words in the shortest time to rise the OpenFeint ranking table!