Science Quiz




    Science Quiz is a science online quiz game where you can find Multiple Choice type question from different chapter of Science;

    User need to choose correct answer and then press continue Button; regardless the answer you have chosen against a question is right or Wrong, you would get all answer elaborately.


    • The unique quiz for science features traditional multiple choices – proven to be a great way to science test knowledge.
    • Excellent way to review what you have learned about science questions and test yourself
    • Shows your score at the end
    • Unlimited access to free photo editor
    • Intuitive and beautiful interface
    • When you get a question wrong – you are immediately assisted by the correct answer.
    • The app can be played both online and offline

    At the end of the round of play, you can get the Scores and Total Questions you have played and correct Answers you have chosen. The app is compatible on your smart android phone.