We give you a rock music song clip & you guess the artist or band? Have fun trying to make the right choice. Check out the awesome Rock Music trivia song tracks selections . Packed full of music to guess the artist, all of which you've heard on the radio.

How to Play:

Simply select the “Start” button and you will be taken to the first set of four songs poster to choose from.
Select the “Play” button to listen to the sound-clip and tap the music poster you think the clip is from; easy! Or is it?
While a simple trivia game would become boring, we were sure to throw in plenty of curve balls to keep it

Can you guess the song or the artist? Do you like quiz games? Think you know the artist or band? Qmusic is perfect for you! Guessing the song game have never been more fun. How many songs can you match to the artist? Can you get a perfect score?

- Rock Music (Includes music from : KISS, Iron Maiden, Poison, Quiet Riot and many more)

The greatest rock hits only! Have fun playing the quiz trivia game and enjoy listening to the selections to choose from!

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