Stickman Killer



You have to plan to kill all stickmen again. Remember, you cannot let other stickmen see one another die!

Level 1 -
Click cash register
Wait for all money to come out
click rapidly in the order of right light bulb, right vending machine, socket of drinking machine, spoon
click the water once the stickman reaches the socket
click socket on first floor
click left vending machine then left light bulb
Level 2
Switch the volume downstairs to the loudest
click continuously the button until the three stickmen die
for the weather broadcasting group, first click the broadcaster, when the bird flies towards the building, click the map to lower the temperature.
then make the temperature rise again, turn on two of the three lights, then click the switch next to the door, click the broadcasting machine
then click the lamp, the door, and the remaining light
Level 3
Click computer, then click the dead body
click the spray and click lamp, then green liquid before the man rise
when the man outside come in, click the tube
then click the tube again

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