Swans Jigsaw Puzzles




    This amazing jigsaw puzzles devote to the most beautiful and majestic birds in the World – Swans. They are always living picture of faithfulness, beauty and purity. All that you can see and feel gathering these brainteasers – Jigsaw puzzles «SWANS».
    We present high quality images which show some kinds of this wonderful creatures: black, white, in flocks, flying in the sky. Some puzzles display couple of swans. Not by chance, there is an expression – swan’s fidelity when we say about eternal love. Because they love each other like people and live together all their life. Some puzzles show swans in fascinating landscape in fairy-tale situation.
    Puzzles-game available for all ages. It’s very useful for children. It makes them better and kinder and foster love for Nature.

    The next features are available in the jigsaw puzzle game:
    - A large number of images of swans.
    - Multiple difficulty levels (from easiest 3*3 to hardest 8*8).
    - Set as wallpaper feature.
    - Save to SD feature.
    - Images gallery and manual difficulty selection.
    - and much more...

    Now download cool interesting puzzles «Swans»!

    Many different pictures in the game will keep you excited and entertained for a long time. Certainly you will receive a lot of positive emotions! Choose your picture and enjoy the fun of jigsaw puzzles «Swans»!

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