Swap It Et 3



If you have a few minutes to waste, and you're in the mood for something colourful and relaxing, look no further! Swap It Et 3 is a jigsaw puzzle game with a nice little spin on the original premise (no kidding, the puzzles are made up of gears which are, you know, spinning). Each of the thirty levels is made up of jumbled tiles, and it's up to you to click and swap them until you get a coherent picture. The pictures invariably show multi-coloured gears of all shapes and sizes, moving at different rhythms.
The tricky part is that the tiles don't always display the right size of the gears. Bigger tiles act as magnifying glasses and try to confuse you with their wily ways, making it more difficult to see where to put them. To get the coveted three stars, all you have to do is make as few moves as possible, which kicks the challenge up a notch. Instead of swapping tiles with the swiftness of a speed demon, you get to plan your moves calmly and carefully. Not that the game is difficult either way – you can get the best results on most levels without a problem, but that's not really what Swap It Et 3 is about, anyway. What it wants to do is let you kick back and enjoy some colourful, almost plushy gears and a bunch of well-made puzzles.