Take The Money Free



brain-bending intellectual competition.
Get the app and test your skills. Woo-Hoo! Is that the scent of VICTORY in the air?

500 Ways to Prove You're Really, Really Smart

Fifty-thousand satisfied and highly-obsessed app addicts can't be wrong. They've tuned in and been turned on by the 500 brain-teasing questions generated by this madly mind-stimulating and mystifying app. BOO-YA! You will be stoked when you ace a question and want to cry "BOO-HOO" when you're stumped— but either way, you will never be bored!

Interested? Here's the nitty-gritty. Connect to the "Take the Money" app using Wi-Fi or a mobile network to challenge your friends to a match; or play alone to see how you fare. Inspired by classic television quiz shows, this clever app gives YOU the chance to participate in a stimulating high-stakes "victor take all" competition similar to quiz shows you've watched on television.


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