The New and Past Escape




    The now and the past in Augmented Reality. How to escape from Augmented Reality, use your brain!

    Here is the hint
    1.Obtain medicine bottle A at bedside
    2.Get red key in the brown box on the upper side of bookcase
    3.Go to the lower side of the book case, press the doll twice and two dolls will appear
    4.Go to the calendar and press the 8, the 8 will fall off, pay attention to the pattern on the calendar
    5.Get one of the plant debris on the ground
    6.Open the wardrobe and get bottle B from the drawers
    7.Use the red key to open the drawer of computer desk, get the black key and memo
    8.Use black key to open the cupboard below the computer desk, get the plier, bottle C and bottle D
    9.Use the pliers to open the picture on the wall
    10.Obtain password XAVI from the red memo
    11.Get Bottle X and pipette
    12. Use pipette toobtain the green liquid in the plant debris
    Enter now scene
    13.Get the pipette with green liquid from computer desk
    14.Press the computer, use hints from the calendar to mix the bottles in the order of CXABD
    15.Get medicine V
    16.Mix V with green liquid
    17.Inject for the main character
    Go into past scene
    18.Click the green doll
    Go into now scene
    19.Get 8 under the bed
    20.Press on the floor in the centre of the room
    21.Press on each sheet to obtain numbers 1 to 9
    22. Arrange the numbers so that the sum of every line is 15

    Successfully escaped from the Augmented Reality!

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