The Quest o fthe Princess Poni



My Little Pony - The Quest of the Princess Ponies
Available for the first time on DVD, two thrilling and magical adventures from Season Two Of My Little Pony! In The Quest of the Princess Ponies, the magical forces of Ponyland are disturbed when Lavan steals the Princess Ponies' magic wands. As the Jewel Desert threatens to consume Dream Valley, the Princess Ponies band together with the Bushwoolies, G'nash, Spike, the Ice Orgs, and even Sludge to recover the wands and find the Heart of Ponyland, for only there can the balance of magic be restored. In The Golden Horseshoes, Mimic becomes afflicted with a mysterious illness, and Megan and the ponies embark on a series of odd adventures to find four golden horseshoes with the power to heal the ailing unicorn.
This is an addictive puzzle game for children and adults, contains a huge collection of cool so popular movie characters. In the game you can choose the level of difficulty. To get a picture to put together pieces of a puzzle. Try to collect all the pictures to get ekstrabonus. Enjoy and have fun!
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