Tic-Tac-Toe 3x3...12x12 pro



The most advanced tic-tac-toe!
Two game modes:
1. Classic - who first crosses out its range of characters.
2. Score game - who strike out more of their lines.
Several types of games in one application:
You can change the size of the board from 3x3 to 12x12 and change the length of the series, you want to strike out, getting different in complexity and fascination game options.
Three themes for every taste, "notebook", "steampunk" and "Ocean."
Three variants of the difficulties, if you think the game tic-tac-toe boring - try to select the field of 10x10 and with a length of 5 characters in the series.
Also in the game has the ability to take screenshots of the game board.
Successful you games!

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