Tower Defense




    Tower Defense
    Tower defense of different attackers for your carrots.
    Shoot enemies when they pass by your towers!

    Try to earn more money and build powerful towers!

    1. There are a lot of different scenes waiting for you
    to challenge!
    There are long grass field, cold grass field, no grass
    field for you!
    There are also two levels for you!
    2. You have choices of difficulty and type.
    You can start from EASY pattern.
    You can try normal and survival game as you wish.
    3. At the beginning of this game, you may get a brief
    introduce of your game.
    You can get some detailed info about creeps.
    Have no idea of how to play this game?
    Just go to HELP to read instruction.
    You can get something relative about story, how to
    play, creatures, towers, multiplayer, credits and changelog.
    4. After these preparations, you can start your game
    5. When an enemy passes by, you should build a new
    tower to shoot.
    Just touch one tower and place it somewhere you would
    like to in empty area.
    6. You can get access to set your enemies' speed by
    the left button in the bottom.
    7. 4 different towers may cost you different money.
    8. Try to kill your enemies.
    One is killed, you will earn an amount of money.
    9. If your enemy is a stronger one, you may get more
    10. With the money earned you can build new towers or
    upgrade existing ones.
    Touching one of the already placed towers, you can
    Sell, upgrade Tower, Fire, and Frost or Poison it.
    11. Menu key can be available to you for pause,
    continue and sound setting.
    You can continue at a later time at the start of the
    current wave and keep all of your carrots, money and towers.
    However, you can only resume a game three times.
    12. More setting?
    Go to OPTION to know more, such as high score!

    Try to protect all your carrots.
    If not, any attacker may damage your carrot.

    Download Tower Defense for free now!!
    If you love it, you can share with your friends.
    Any problem if it exists, tell me, please.
    Have fun!
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