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Treble Whammy is an absorbing, attractive collapsing game, puzzle and pastime, similar to Bejeweled.

The basic idea is just so simple: select two adjacent tiles that can be swapped to form a row or column of three or more of the same pattern. Those tiles are removed and the ones above collapse (and replacements made so that the frame is always full). This may create further lines of three or more, and further collapsing.

Score a point for each tile removed, and bonuses: for lines of 4 or more, for removing both selected tiles and for each cycle of subsequent collapses.

Unique three-row hopper so that you can see what's coming and plan to optimize your score.

Full Help facility.

Also available from if you cannot download from the Android Market. Versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia, Windows PCs and Macs also available from there.

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