Trenching war zombies Super




    Zoombie Digger (trenching war zombie) is a transplant from the iOS platform fun game, game, terrible zombie zombie into a lovely animal.
    This "Zoombie Digger" is a the old Mei favorite zombie theme, but which appears zombies are animal-based, such as zombie elephant, zombie crocodiles, zombie hedgehog, zombie bats and zombies Bear class. Compared to human zombies, zombie animals somewhat diverse. But do not think these zombies are animals, nothing to fear. But they will be driving a tank, riding a rocket, stepping on a spring to attack your house. 2D screen combined with a variety of zombie animals Biao blood looks like after being attacked, making the game up quite the excitement of the story. The game soundtrack bias cheerful style and all of a sudden a lot less, so the sense of terror attacks by the zombies. Plus the various zombie animals beaten the calls, so the game becomes joy.
    [Game Features]
    Many evil, but incredibly cute zoo zombie
    A variety of ways to kill zombies
    Unique BOOS
    A combination of the system to the maximum, your score
    More than 75 levels, is more difficult
    12 of the city's famous attractions
    16 kinds of weapons
    10 kinds of super-weapons