Triple Meth


Triple Meth's review

by Peter Warrior

A smart puzzle game

  • Free, non obstrusive ads
  • Challenging and smart gaming
  • Very high replayability
  • Needs a deeper tutorial

"Three in a row. It mightn't be what you're thinking"

The theme of this game makes it not suitable for children.

Once we are morally protected under a brief plot about a newbie drug-dealer with a chronic lung cancer (that's what this game's about), Holy Tap brings us the latest twist in combine three-of-a-kind games, you can combine three marijuana leafs to create a joint, three joints to make a hookah, then a meth pill, then a line (there may be more, this is as far as we have get).

Game rules are explained once you start the game, but are hazy to understand. Trial and error will be your first -and only- friend at the beginning until you get the hang of it and make moves thinking forward. Game gets a new side when you realize how to group policemen into groups of three to free cells. Keep in mind that you start with a negative score, so you have to keep an eye on that too. If you are greed enough, you can expand your territory beyond your neighborhood and conquest other states.

In the end, a game surprisingly addictive and entertaining, no matter about what it's about, perfect for a long while of smart gaming and wrack our brains: it won't make you high, but it's highly recommendable, and an excellent example of how indie games can be as fun as other higher budget options.

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Mar 07, 2013

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