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    Vegetables VS Bugs is a game which your vegetables have to fight with bugs to protect your vegetable garden.

    You plant a lot of vegetables and it is going to harvest them. But at this a great number of bugs want to eat your vegetables. Your vegetables are meeting danger and you have to kill so many bugs.

    It is impossible to kill so many bugs. Don’t worry! Your vegetables join in this war to protect themselves. You are a general now and you need take a good advantage of your different vegetables to against these bugs.

    Now let me tell you the operation of this game.

    1. You need to know that when you plant anyone vegetable, you need have enough seeds. Different vegetables will need different numbers of seeds. The number is shown on their icons.

    2. The seed will appear automatically every once in a while and drops on the ground. After a while, it will disappear if you don’t pick up. Touching it can pick it up. Another way to get seeds is that you need to put a bag on the ground. The bag will produce seeds every once in a while.

    3. Bugs will attack your vegetable garden round after round. You have to plant vegetables before your garden to stop the bugs. Choosing the vegetable you want to plant and then put it on the ground. The plant will attack the bugs automatically.

    4. Different vegetables have different power and the different bugs also have different defensive power. So you need to make a good plan to use your vegetable well.

    5. This is a good game which not only can kill time but also can practice the ability of thinking. If you don’t think it seriously, some round you can’t get a victory.

    6. If you feel this game is good in a way, please give me five stars. I hope that you can give me an email when you meet any problem of this game or you have good advice, I will improve it.

    In a way, this game is a tower defense game. But it is different from the traditional tower defense games. You can have a try to experience it.

    Vegetables VS Bugs is similar with the Plants vs Zombies. But I feel that the zombies are little ugly and I want to make a game which is fresh and beautiful, so I make this game and I hope that you can support it to make it better.

    Your vegetable garden is very dangerous and you have to protect it and all that you can use is your vegetables, so now you should join in the war with your vegetables. Don’t lose.

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