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You like to read "famous quotes"? You like to cite the words of wisdom? But are you sure you know who said those words? Use this free quiz to check if you really know the authors of popular quotes about life, love and other things. Prove your friends you are a Wiseman and say in the end: 'I came, I saw, I conquered!' Download the app immediately!
- Choose the mode you like: 10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50 Questions or 5 Errors Endless!
- Choose an answer from A, B, C or D!
- Think fast and answer correctly to get higher rankings!
- Get Scandalous Score Booster by answering the question worth more than 2000 points!
- If you choose 5 Errors Endless Mode your game will last until you give 5 incorrect answers!
- You can share your score and achievements with your friends on Facebook!
This entertaining quiz consists of a great variety of questions regarding words said by famous people in different fields: science, literature, art. You'll get a question and four answers to choose from. If you posses excellent knowledge in literature, you'll definitely get a high score.
Quotes are statements by people regarding their inner feelings about any aspect of life such as love, hate, friendship and many other things that a person has to face in his life. There are some sayings which do make us think how life is and what can be done to make it better.
Everyone should read popular sayings. For example, positive thinking is important for your self esteem and well being. You should use positive thinking quotes to inspire you to see opportunities and possibilities in the things that you think and do. These sayings can guide you through life, after all. Most of them bite the dust, while a few become eternal. Famous sayings pack a wealth of wisdom, and their words carry a lot of punch. They display attitude without being preachy or pushy and they stay with you forever. Motivational quotes can convince you there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Here is a funny line to warm you up for the quiz: 'Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes' - Jim Carrey.
Start playing 'Who Said It Quiz' and have a great time! Good luck!
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