Win Hapland 2




    Hapland 2 is less a continuation of the original as it is the same game with all-new puzzles: the object is once again to open the stone portal and unleash the power within. And while that doesn't exactly give any clue as to what to do, it does at least provide a goal to work towards.

    A classic puzzle series in the making, the Hapland games take the standard formula for casual Flash point-and-click adventure games and throws in an element of real-time interaction and timing. Real-time cause and effect plays a big part in the puzzle solving, as does a reliance on the help and support of the stick figures in the game. You will need their cooperation to complete the game, just be careful not to blow any of their heads off, or you may be forced to reset and try again.

    The instructions say: click on everything. And that about sums it up nicely. The only thing I would add is: click on everything, and observe closely what follows.

    Analysis: Hapland became an instant sensation with Flash point-and-click casual gamers when it was first released back in February, and for good reason: the game design is brilliant, and Hapland 2 takes that formula and runs with it. The addition of real-time interaction and dead-end scenarios was a refreshing change from the static puzzles seen previously. By allowing the player to get into a no-win situation, a condition that is usually avoided in game design, Robin creates a richer world that seems more alive than other point-and-click games. The graphics are simple and yet charming in a unique and characteristic style. The puzzles are intricate and will challenge even the most cunning and twisted minds out there.

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