Wooden House Escape



Can you hear the screaming voice... a boy is kidnapped by a gang. the gang has gone out, help the boy to escape from this wooden house using the clues and objects found
Click table on the left, get 4 marbles from there and get the old cycle hidden behind the table
Click cycle to open a new window, get 2 marbles
Click hour glass on the view, click again and get marble.
Click candle holder, get marble,
Get marble from wall frame on the left
Click chest on the floor, click and get marble.
Close chest click the handle of the chest and get another marble
Click the ewer jar on the left of the cupboard, click again and get the marble.
Open the cupboard and get 2 marbles
Go right.
Get marble from grandfather clock
Click telephone, click dialer,then reciever, get 2 marbles
Click the typewriter, click the button on the side and get the marble.
Get the marble by clicking the ewer jar on the right
Click the drawer under the television, get a marble Go Left.
Click the test tube, now put the marble on test tubes of same color.
Once liquid rises enter clue 6437 on the drawer below the test tubes.
Get screw driver, insulation tape and cable, Go right.
Click switchboard behind TV, drag screw driver to it.
Connect green wire and drag insulation tape to it.drag cable to it, switch it on.
Click table again, click and add the 3 rats to inventory
Click dressing table, drag and place one rat on table.
Enter number one by one, if rat jumps then it is the clue 5127, get thread and rat
Click hole under telephone table, drag rat to it, get magnet and rat
Click typewriter, drag the rat to it, note the clue 3278 and get rat back
Click drawer under TV, enter 3278, get knife
Click thread to open a new window, drag knife to it
Now click magnet to open a new window, drag thread to it
Click marked area on the right of the floor, drag and place rats on it.
Now drag and give the magnet to the rat, get the key Click main door, use key to open
Great Escape!
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