Word Find Endless Word Search!

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    Word Find Endless Word Search is the best wordsearch game you'll ever play!
    Unlimited number of puzzles!
    29 thousand words to guess!

    If you have any problems, please contact us! We are happy to help!

    -= BEAUTY =-
    ★ Low-eyestrain color scheme
    ★ Easy to read words and letter grid
    ★ A different color wordsearch board every level, to keep things interesting
    ★ Large print format when played on a tablet
    ★ No timer, just relax!

    -= ELEGANCE =-
    ★ Elegant and intuitive auto-adjusting touch controls for selecting words with just a swipe
    ★ Helpful word bar pops up while finding words
    ★ Gentle sounds let you know once you've selected a valid word
    ★ Select words forwards or backwards, in any direction
    ★ Don't know what a word means? tap it to learn its definition!

    -= CHALLENGE =-
    ★ An infinite number of wordsearch puzzles to boggle your mind!
    ★ More than 29 thousand words in the built-in word list, which has been run through several profanity filters!
    ★ Words are heavily interlocked in the wordsearch letter grid
    ★ Every wordsearch board is scanned to keep profanity from accidentally showing up in the unused letters

    ★ Automatically saves your progress as you play
    ★ Stuck? Use the menu option to start a new word find puzzle, just like turning the page in a paper word search book to try the next board
    ★ Sounds can be muted if you want to listen to music

    Word Find Endless Word Search runs great on all phones and tablets, any screen size!

    Word Find Endless Word Search is a great choice for bookworms who enjoy word puzzles and crossword puzzle games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Scramble With Friends! Tell your friends!

    Thanks for playing Word Find Endless Word Search!
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