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    Most played Word Search game in Android market.
    Play word search game regular. Its one of most addictive world search puzzle game.
    This game lets you play lots of interesting words of your own choice.
    See the word written on top & search the letters to make that word . Swipe the letters to make word.
    For all Crossword and Word Search Games lovers Word Search Puzzle is a treat!!
    Daily you will find new word search Puzzle to make your brain more puzzled.
    Just swipe to search the word! Swipe to make the hidden word!
    Hollywood/Bollywood : Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Cameron, or Ethan Hunt, Amitabh Bachahan, Shahrukh Kahn, Salman Khan, Hritik Roshan….. Who’s your favorite? Find them inside the word grid.

    Very Addictive word searching game with several packs based on different topics!!!
    Word Swipe is one of the best android puzzle game and casual game supporting all popular mobile devices.

    The grids are filled with words that cross and intersect.
    Word search game is childhood puzzle game when its was hard to find words. Like- Animals, Birds, Fruits & Veggies and Cartoons, Foods etc.
    Around the World: Discover most popular landmarks, cities and countries of the world from the grid.
    Dictionary: Enhance your vocab with unlimited no. of dictionary word puzzles.
    Music: Playing music is always fun. Find out the names of famous singers and their hit songs & music albums ,play this game while listening the music. You will forget everything while playing word search game.
    Personalities: World famous people who have changed history. Search their names inside the puzzle. Cross the letters & make the word written on screen.
    How to Play the word search game-
    Your goal is to find all the hidden words inside the grid. Hidden words can be in any orientation- up, down, left, right, cross, linear or diagonally. You can also get word puzzles in either direction, forward or backward, much to spin your head.

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