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Bored of all the word games which all look the same? Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Boggle clone? Then WordsMania is for you. This game brings a fun and addicting twist to the genre with its huge selection of letters in each board(about 63) and with its innovative bonus tile system which will have you hooked to this game for ever. Best of all it’s free to play with no coins to buy or gameplay designed to force you to purchase additional items.

Find and swipe (or tap!) words in any direction in four challenging modes. Make long words or use bonus tiles to clear extra letters from the screen! Use combo tiles to get more points. With its 4 game modes there is a little something for everyone whether you like to take your time and strategize or prefer fast and furious action. Once a game is over you can track your best words and scores and even see where you stack up against other players from around the world with the unique in game viewing system for scoreloop leaderboards.
Once you have it down, Challenge your friends via intense multiplayer challenge mode
- TIME MODE: You got 2 minutes to create as many words as possible. If you use the combo tile, extra time would be added depending on the combo tile value.
- PANIC MODE: create as many words as possible before the letters fill up the screen. There are 40 levels in this mode.
- PUZZLE MODE: First you will be provided 14 letters. Every word you make drops four extra letters to the board. If the letters reach above the score board its game over.
- CHALLENGE MODE: Challenge friends, family or anyone online to any of the above three modes.
SCORELOOP leader boards and achievements for each mode and highest scoring word!

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