World Flags (Children study)



Trying to learn the national flag in a game world!
Can be selected (+ area 195 countries) by region in the world respectively.
Per minute with a sense of play with a volume suitable for smartphone! !

The whole world. North America (North America), South America (South America), Europe (Europe), Africa (non-state), Asia (Pennsylvania), Oceania (Oceania).
Another can also study Ozu.

Play mode:
Flags of the 12 pieces selected from from the name of the country.
We aim to clear the country 12.

Select the country from the four choices from the national flag.
Clear with a toy 12 consecutive.

You can see the national flag by region.
Accuracy rate is also displayed up to now.
More! You can tap the national flag, to browse for more easily fly to Wikipedia!

Knowledge of world geography study of adult children, from education.
You can take advantage of all
Flags of the strongest challenge to the game Korezo!

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