World Super Zero




    Zero World (Naught) gravity keys control mode requires the player to more accurate tilt direction, control protagonist checkpoints in the zero world.
    And the difficulty of the game is not only reflected in the gravity control, and more from the game rather peculiar setting. The protagonist Zero, where the World is a no fixed direction in the world, as long as the body is inverted, the protagonist can still maintain [normal] visual; most special scene players in this strange angle, distorted invented. Dark Shadows more scenes, particularly prominent.
    From the game theme, worthy of encouragement and affirmation, new content, new ways originality. But as a pure experience perspective, we would be looking for child, a variety of black-and-white, various reverse the phone like a car steering wheel, like frequent rotation, do not say that the hand is tired, and even just stare the eyes of the screen, but also micro spent a. This love and hate, a lot to a little tangled

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