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Show your friends you are a real book fan! For all lovers of literature here comes a quiz about writers and authors. If you love poetry, this is a nice opportunity to check what you know about the authors of your favorite poems. See if you know some facts about the world's known fiction writers or their popular literary works. This free quiz with questions and answers will provide you with lots entertainment and fun!
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Ask writers what they value most in their creative lives, and they are likely to respond, 'Time to write'. They may devote a large number of hours per day to "story writing", yes, but very little of that time is spent typing the words of a poem, essay or story into a computer or scribbling them onto a piece of paper. Aside from the desire to communicate ideas (and the questionable urge to manipulate people’s emotions), one of the only real motivations for writing is that the author knows that readers are equally thirsty for that freedom of thought.
The poet's task is a little like trying to take a universe and feed it through a roller press, whilst crossing your fingers and hoping it will reassemble itself in the correct configuration on the other side - inside the reader’s head!
Let's mention some of the greatest authors in literature that you will be tested on in the quiz.
For example, in the pantheon of great writers of the last century, James Joyce looms large. And while more prolific writers set themselves a word or page limit, Joyce prided himself in taking his time with each sentence. A famous story has a friend asking him in the street if he’d had a good day writing. Yes, he replied happily. How much had he written? Three sentences, Joyce told him.
The American-English author, T.S. Eliot was one of the most significant and influential English language poets in the 20th century. Best known for authoring ‘Prufrock and Other Observations’ and ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’, Eliot had been honored with numerous awards, the most recommendable being the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948. Apart from essaying the role of a poet, Eliot was an interesting playwright, editor and publisher as well.
Have fun playing this quiz about your favorite authors and their literary works!
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