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Like Yahtzee, Yak is a version of the Victorian dice game, Yacht, where you have up to three throws of the dice and have to score against one of fourteen scoring methods. Seven of these are concerned with counting spots on the dice, while the other seven are concerned with achieving certain predetermined patterns, e.g. a run from 2-6, two pairs, three the same, full house (2+3 the same) or Yak - five the same and giving the highest score available.

This version is designed for up to four players - each with their own dice and scorecard. Also good as a pastime to practise your skills and beat your own record.

Full Help facility.

Also available from i.compactfun.com if you cannot download from the Android Market. Versions for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Nokia, Windows PCs and Macs also available from there.

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