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It might be hard to find one who never heard about Chess play. But have you ever played the opposite game - the Anti Chess or Loser's Chess. Not many heard about this Chess variation but even less know about verity of Anti-chess rules. we found five: Antichess, Loser's Chess, Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess, Kamikadze. Probably there are more. In first version of out game we implemented the Loser's Chess rules only - but we are not about to stop here. We plan to add more with time.

❖ Briefly towards rules differences ❖

The major differences in rules concern the possibility of taking the King, castling, responsiveness to blocked pawns positions and the winner determination conditions.

❖ Rules of Loser's Chess ❖

◆ If you can capture an opponent's piece, you must do so. If more than one capture is possible, you can choose which one to make. If you try to make a non-capture move when a capture is possible, you will be told "You must capture".
◆ If you are in check, you must defend your king as in chess. A defense that involves a capture takes priority over other defenses.
◆ You may castle, subject to the usual chess rules.
◆ The conditions for victory differ.
• Should you lose all of your pieces, except the king, you win.
• If you are stalemated, you win.
• If you are checkmated, you win.
◆ Draw rules (according to article 9.2 of FIDE Laws of Chess):
• Threefold repetition - if an identical position has just occurred three times with the same player to move, or will occur after the player on turn makes his move, the player on move may claim a draw (to the arbiter).
• The fifty-move rule - if in the previous fifty moves by each side, no pawn has moved and no capture has been made, a draw may be claimed by either player.

Because we play with AI instead of human, the draw will be claimed automatically.
In this game, same as in any other puzzle game, you have to stay maximum concentrated to win.

Play with pleasure! ☺

Tags: suicide chess.

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v1.1.1 - fixed layout makeup for some displays

Comments and ratings for Antichess
  • (43 stars)

    by Seph Ware on 14/05/2014

    Awesome and stupid .

  • (43 stars)

    by Jatin Nagpal on 06/04/2014

    In this game we can turn pawn into king and in this game their is no value of king we just have to kill our all pieces

  • (43 stars)

    by Mike Tsenter on 02/04/2014

    Would be more interesting if clearing pawns was not a win criteria. As is you often have draws even when someone initially has a massive lead because the pawns left cannot move. Also needs multi-player, at least a local pass and play.

  • (43 stars)

    by Stephen Kish on 27/10/2013

    In this chess version, you are ment to be able to take the king and you win by losing every piece

  • (43 stars)

    by Clayton Rudiger on 30/08/2013

    I was looking for suicide chess and found it, well done, but here are some flaws: It needs an animation for enemy moves for smoother gameplay. it needs better AI at the end game, currently when you get to just pawns the enemy king just walks back and forth while you go get rooks to move next to his king and die. (Edit: options work fine now). Local multiplayer (user controls both sides) would be a

  • (43 stars)

    by Aaron Horler on 23/05/2013

    Doesnt Work

  • (43 stars)

    by Lalit Deshpande on 10/05/2013

    It's decently good but has many flaws. I. The computer is unable to select the best move, most of the times. So it's pretty easy to defeat the computer :-) II. Slow UI

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