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Dust off your old decoder ring and sharpen your code breaking skills.

Solve cryptograms with Enigma using patterns, letter frequencies, and common sense as you attempt to break the code.

What is a cryptogram?

A cryptogram is a block of text that has been encrypted using a "substitution cipher". In a substitution cipher, each letter is replaced with a different one.

For example:

All letters A are changed to the letter Q.
All letters B are changed to the letter R.

This mapping of letters is different for each game.

Using patterns, letter frequencies, and common sense you attempt to determine the letter for which each of the encrypted letters stands.

Application Features

The application provides several features to help you if you get stuck.

- On-Screen Navigation - Use the on-screen directional arrows to move around. Helpful if you don't have a d-pad or trackball.
- Pressing Space or Delete will clear the current letter.
- Save Game - You can save your game and come back to it if you need a break.
- Show/Hide Source - The source of the quote/text block is hidden by default. This hint will expose the source for you and hide it again to open up more screen space.
- Show Letter - When you really get stuck, this will expose the letter of your choice in the cryptogram.
- Show Puzzle - When all hope is lost, this will show you the answer to the puzzle you've been working on.
- Letter Frequency Table - Shows you the number of times a coded letter appears in the text.
- Used Letters - Shows in the keyboard display which letters are used and still available.
- Showing Duplicates - Duplicate letters are shown as italicized. So, if you enter the same letter for two different codes, Enigma will show all occurrences of that entered letter italicized.
- If you complete the puzzle without using the "Show Puzzle" option, you will be given the opportunity to email the quote to yourself or someone else.

Customization Options

Enigma can be customized to your personal tastes by choosing the Preferences menu item and selecting the appropriate options.

Color Preference

Select from different color schemes. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for more.

- Original - Reminiscent of the old green screen monitors.
- The Blues - Blue is the basis of this color scheme.
- Scarlet Letters - Deep reds make this a pleasing choice.
- Black, White, and Read All Over - Simple black and white design.

Font Sizes

Select from different Font sizes. This can be very helpful on tablets where you might want the puzzle to take up more room and be easier to manage.

- Small - Useful for smaller devices.
- Medium - The original size and still the default.
- Large - Tablets will work well with this or the next size up.
- Extra-Large - Tablets will work well with this or the next size down.

Next Letter Preference

After entering a letter the focus will change based on your choice from the following options:

- Don't advance to the next letter. (Current/Default Behavior)
- Advance to the next letter.*
- Advance to the next empty letter.*
* When at the end of the puzzle, it won't wrap to the beginning.

Keyboard Preference

Select from different keyboard styles.

- Normal Keyboard - This is the traditional QWERTY keyboard.
- Gallery Keyboard - The Gallery Keyboard works by listing the letters in a gallery display such that you fling them left or right to choose the letter you want to place.

This is full featured trial, but there are only 10 puzzles included.

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Recently changed in this version

- Changing the Used Letters hint so that the keyboard will show the used letters using the strike-through typeface and change the color to a dark gray.

- New preference that will allow you to always show the used/unused letters.

- New preference that will allow you to always show the source of the quote.

- New color scheme - "Black and White and Read All Over".

- Adding more puzzles! Now there are over 2000! Yep, more than 400 new quotes.

- Minor bug fixes and internal improvements.

Comments and ratings for Enigma Trial - Cryptograms
  • (51 stars)

    by Melissa David on 27/10/2014

    I love these types of games...they keep my mind actively young(something still :-)). I love all the different categories & variety of puzzles...I dont have nothn neg. to say bsides that I wish my phone battery wouldnt drain so fast. Plus its cheaper than buying puzzle books every week...lol

  • (51 stars)

    by Roneth LM on 19/01/2014

    5 estrelas quando tiver pt-br

  • (51 stars)

    by John Skeats on 28/12/2013

    Enigma looks good works well. It needs a way to display letter counts while working.. Having to go to an unnecessarily busy menu rather than using a button to toggle the display on and off was a poor design decision. I would also like the option to enter cryptograms. For extra credit, add the option for cryptograms to be presents in five-letter groups rather than word groups, allow using symbols (

  • (51 stars)

    by Neha Gupta on 26/06/2013