FluffyCraft's review

A smart physics puzzle game.

  • Fluffyness - fluffies are cute
  • Simple and well thought out
  • Fluffyness - fluffies are too fluffy
  • We're missing different kinds of fluffies

"Absolute fluffyness"

Puzzle games are one of the cornerstones of mobile gaming. They are addressed to both children and adults and promote reasoning and intelligence.

You have to help Fluff (a furry red ball who works as a teacher in a rural school for furry children balls) to reach the lost fluffies. Although you don't control Fluff himself and he just bounces, you can change his trajectory moving trampolines so he bounces in one direction and angle or another. As you advance levels, new elements are added and bounces and routes are more difficult to foresee. The three star rating system craze landed here, too, so you can replay any level in order to achieve three start at every stage. The grid system allows to repeat exactly some moves in order to perfect the route Fluffy takes.

In that context, FluffyCraft is a nice puzzle game. It has a right mix of physics, deduction and trial and error. In addition, fluffies are cute and there's a plot, a perhaps too angrybirdish plot, but a plot in the end. Overall, everything's rather fluffly in Fluffyland, if I may refer to it that way. That isn't a flaw but a virtue instead, because FluffyCraft can be a nice way to introduce grown children to puzzles and to spare some time without too much headaches.

In conclusion, good game. Gameccino's first game won't change the history of puzzle games, but FluffyCraft is a good way to start. This complete version comes with all levels available. Look for the lite version to check out the first six.

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Sep 22, 2011

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