Stellar Forces (Free)

Stellar Forces (Free)


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10,000 - 50,000 downloads

  • Tactical gamers love it
  • Highly detailed
  • Rather inaccessible for newbies
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Expert's Review

"You may have tactics, sir, but have you tact?"

Reviewed by / Sep 09, 2014

Advanced, highly-detailed multiplayer turn-based strategy in space

I apologize in advance for my review of Stellar Forces. It's a hyper-detailed tactical game, full of units and strategies and, um, tactics, and it's definitely in space, and there are pixels, and... oh, who am I kidding, it's just not my kind of game at all.

Let me give you the facts: it's an online multiplayer turn-based strategy game, wherein the goal is to defeat your opponents in any of 90 total missions, each with their own challenging layout. Either join a game that's already started or begin your own and await competition. Equip your team using the points at your disposal (one assumes you'll have more as you gain experience). Then, take turns moving, attacking, and defending til someone falls.

Here's a few namedrops: if you enjoyed Laser Squad Nemesis, XCom, or Space Hulk, then you're gonna love this one too. It's totally free; no hidden IAPs or anything like that.

I suppose what I'd ask for is a little more accessibility for those unfamiliar with the genre, but I have a feeling that very obfuscation is what makes it so appealing to a certain audience. Users tend to love it. If you love tactical games, listen to them, not me.

Developer's original description available here
Stellar Forces is an asynchronous online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for Android. Take control of your elite squad and defeat your opponents in one of over 90 different missions. Join games that are waiting for an opponent or start your own, then equip your units and away you go. All your units are under your control and they can move, shoot and use equipment, whether its an barren planet, space station or alien-infested moonbase. No two games are ever the same, and you can play as many as you want. This game has NO in-app purchases or adverts.

There are over 80 different kinds of mission. These start with basic assassination where you must kill an important VIP that is being protected, and sabotage where you must destroy installations. Once you become advanced, you can take on the more advanced missions such as egg collector, where you must collect more alien eggs than your opponents, but watch out for the aliens that are protecting them. There are missions for 2, 3 or 4 players. Some missions involve Escorting a VIP across a sniper infested town, or being the first to collect the flag which in some missions may be located in the centre of an alien prison. Or maybe you want to control a gang of criminals intent on making an escape from the maximum security prison?

See all the mission here:

Not only can you play a squad of humans, there are also mission where you can play vicious aliens that can tear a human apart and explode with acid blood, or blobs which can split into smaller blobs or join together to make a giant super-blob. There are also missions with zombies, which don't stay dead for long, or clones, which just keep on coming. Can you survive to the end?

As well as the guns, there is also a wide variety of other equipment that you can equip your units with. These include grenades from small to big, smoke grenades to prevent you being seen, nerve gas to smoke out the enemy, medi-kits and close-combat weapons, and also protective armour.

See all the weapons and equipment here:

This game has lots of advanced features for the experienced player to make the game even more exciting. Units can give away their locations if they make a noise. Smoke or nerve gas can spread and effect a unit's line-of-sight. Fully destructive scenery and walls. If the enemy is expecting you to go through the main entrance, why not blow a hole in the wall?

Stellar Forces has a league table showing the best players. Can you get to the top? After a game has finished, you can watch a complete playback to see exactly how close you were to winning or losing. You can also win trophies for winning sets of missions or winning a certain number of games (and also for losing too many!).

* Play against 2, 3 or 4 players.
* Turn-based, and receive an email when it is your turn.
* Play as many concurrent games as you want.
* Take your turns in your own time.
* Watch a full playback of all your missions afterwards.
* In-Game chat, messaging and forums
* Absolutely NO in-app purchases or adverts

If you have any problems, queries or suggestions, please email me at I promise to reply to all emails. Website:



** This is the free version. It has all the features of the paid-for version (and NO ads or in-game purchases) but is restricted to The Assassins and Moonbase Assault missions. **


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New movement controls.

Changelog and permissions

PermissionsChangelogPackage com.scs.stellarforces.main.lite
  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - Use the vibrator.
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.

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Comments and ratings for Stellar Forces (Free)
  • (0)

    by rhymir kid on 10/05/2015

    I want you to add an Offline Local WiFi LAN Multiplayer mode. Thanks

  • (0)

    by Colin Dale on 24/02/2015

    I never played laser squad but I did used to play a game called Breach 2 on the Amiga. This is just like that. Love it and will be buying premium. Well done guys.

  • (0)

    by Enrique gonzalez on 20/01/2015

    The soundtrack was kickass and game was awesome! i just wish there were more people playing it! :)

  • (0)

    by Matt Cameron on 08/01/2015

    Laser squad from back in the day. Takes a few minutes to get the hang of it. Make sure to click on new controller in settings. Its the only way to move around. I didnt realize how many people used to play laser squad back in the day!

  • (0)

    by Pagerhubris on 21/12/2014

    Reminds me of the old school games like Jagged Alliance or Xcom but multiplayer. Very addicting. No pay 2 win features which is awesome

  • (0)

    by Sam Bickley on 30/07/2014

    Buy full version for more a action

  • (0)

    by Kai Kennedy on 01/07/2014

    The developer has essentially given away a portion of the game for free, no ads and no in-app purchases. If you like it (and I am, currently), you can buy the full version which has more levels and modes. Seems pretty fair to me :)