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※ This is the key to unlock "WarBot" main program.
※ After downloaded,return to main program, the store feature is available.
※ If you have any question, please mail to service@moaicity.com, we will help you to solve it as far as possible. Thanks!

【Game Instructions】
WarBot is an adaptation of "The Wars" which is a common board game among American kids.

You represent one of the 60 countries in the game, and challenge others countries.

Go! Fight for your country! Take over the whole world with dices!

★60 countries
★5 upgrade levels
★5 kinds of buildings
★5 upgrade levels for buildings
★10 kinds of weapons

【How to Play】
★In the beginning of game, each party has different extent of territories on the map. Different colors indicate different countries, and the numbers which show on the territory indicate the amount of dices.

★ It is a turn-based game. When your turn, you can choice a territory that contains 2 dices or above, and attack a nearby enemy's territory. The total of dices numbers decides who the winner is. If the total numbers are equal, the defense side is the winner. One dice will stay and the others will transfer to the new territory if you attacking successfully, but only one dice will remain on the territory if you lose.

★ You can end the round if you don't want to or can't to attack enemy anymore. Dices will resupply automatically and prepare for the next round.
★ Having more dices means having more chances to win the war. The country which wins more wars can get more dices, and upgrade to higher level. A territory can place 10 dices at most.

★ Money can be earned by winning the wars or reach achievements, and it can be used to buy weapons or upgrade buildings.

★ You can use the purchased weapon in the war to fight the stronger enemy.

★Command post: Raising territory occupied rate when war starting.
★Ordnance factory: Adding more dices to every single territory while war starting.
★Supply depot: Adding more dices to the territory that occurred supply event while a round clear.
★Radar station: More supply for territories while a round clear.
★Shelter: Dices have more chances to escape to nearby territories after enemy invasion.

- Tank: Temporarily increase 2 to 6 dices when attacking.
- Bomber: Directly destroy 1 to 7 dices of enemy.
- Submarine: Temporarily increase 2 to 6 dices when defending.
- Frigate: Protect territory from enemy attack for 1 to 3 rounds
- Aircraft carrier: Forbid enemy to launch attack for 1 to 3 rounds.
- Landmine: Randomly destroy 1 to 6 enemy's dices when losing the war.
- Awacs: Withdraw 2 to 6 dices to nearby territory when losing the war.
- Supply cart: Compulsory supply 4 to 6 dices when a round clear.
- Air transporter: Transport 3 to 7 dices to another territory.

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Comments and ratings for WarBot Unlock Key
  • (54 stars)

    by A Google User on 25/09/2012

    After u win the game what do u do next? I conquered the world but that's it! I payed a dollar to unlock store plus tax but I didn't know u couldn't replay levels

  • (54 stars)

    by Justin on 24/08/2011

    True I beat the game however I never maxed out and game was way too short

  • (54 stars)

    by matt on 19/01/2011

    Wast of money and time because it resets your overall lvl making you only have a max of 5 while enemies have 6 to 10 per block = LAME

  • (54 stars)

    by Itay on 11/01/2011

    Game is buggy beyond playability. Every time you restart the game your wind are saved but your level progress isn't. Soon enough you simply can't win.