4 Thrones Solitaire


4 Thrones Solitaire's review

by Peter Warrior

An innovative solitaire game

  • Well thought
  • Optimal UI
  • It needs some 21st century features

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"4 Thrones, 1 king"

Solitaire games players have often been quite left aside by the formal, serious, gamer community, though it's hard to tell why: in the end, all video games are solitaires, aren't they?

Anyway, it was time to someone to reinvent solitaire card games properly, a sub-genre without any innovation at all since the PDA-saurs roamed the Earth. In order to entertain you, there are several different game modes, a completely overhauled graphic environment that will make you forget Windows Solitaire and fits better in mobile devices, and a series of preset decks that must be solved as they are, as if they were chess problems but using cards instead.

Beyond its apparent simplicity, it's a very well crafted game. Perhaps it depends too much on luck for a true solitaire lover's liking, but it's great no matter how you look at it. We could only ask for some kind of multiplayer feature, even though that would mean going against the very nature of solitaire games, or a chance to create your own decks and share them with other lonely players abroad.

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Jan 15, 2014

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