422 Poker



422 is a poker game where, as in most poker games, the object is to get the best 5 card poker hand and win the most money. You will be playing against 5 other players (computer players in this version).

1. The Game

Deuces are wild in 422 Poker. To start a hand of 422 Poker each player puts $1 into the Ante and is then dealt 4 cards. At this point you will decide to play on with this hand or to fold. If you have a good hand and are confident of winning, then you should play on by selecting the Play button. If you are not confident then select the Fold button.

If you select the Play button you will be dealt 2 more cards. You cannot see the other players hand until all six (4+2) cards have been dealt out. If your hand is better than any remaining players (yes even the computer players can fold) then you win. Each player that did not fold after the first 4 cards were dealt will pay you $6. If all 6 players play then you could win $30. If your hand is tied with one or more players then you will split the winnings with those players. If you lose then you will pay $6 to the winning player(s).
If you select the Fold button then 2 more cards will be dealt to the remaining players that did not fold. You can see who won and what their hands were.

2. The Ante

Every time you start a hand of 422 Poker you will put $1 into the ante. A player will win everything in the ante if that player is the only player that does not fold after the first 4 cards have been dealt and that player must have a hand which is greater than a pair of Jacks.

3. Future Versions

We are currently working on new features and improvements of 422 Poker and will post them when available.

4. Support

If you have any questions about 422 Poker, please email support@cushmantechnologies.com

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