Accordion Solitaire (Patience)



Accordion Solitaire, Patience card game

This is a one player card game, simpler then Klondike or traditional solitaire, but still more challenging.

Rules are very simple, to start all cards are laid face up in a long line.

1. A card can be moved onto the pile on the left if it is the same suit or the same value.
2. Likewise a card can be moved 3 places to the left if it is the same suit or the same value.

To win you need to be left with just 1 pile.

Why “Accordion Solitaire” ? Because all the remaining cards are squeezed up to fill any gaps, like an accordion being squeezed to play a song.

Its fun just dragging the cards around onto the valid stacks, however to increase your chances of winning its worth planning ahead and considering which moves lead to a more favorable line out.

Either way its great fun, like our clock Patience card game we will show you which move to make and it is impossible to put a card in the wrong place.

There is also a full auto mode, its great fun to watch the game play itself and also good to help you learn the rules.

We include lots of different color schemes, 3 speed settings, full auto mode and a 2nd deck of Swiss style playing cards just for fun.

Download it now, its simple, fantastic, just a little addictive and best of all its FREE.

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