Aces Up Solitaire Premium

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    Aces Up Solitaire Premium is a super fun card game based on the classic game of solitaire! In this game it is your job to remove all of the cards until only the Aces are left. When the top cards of the two columns have the same suit you can tap the lower ranked card and remove it. Aces are the highest rank cards which is why you want those to be the only ones left at the end of the game. Now let the fun begin and start playing Aces Up Solitaire! Everyone loves our solitare games!

    ★ Excellent opportunity to increase your solitair skills and practice patience.
    ★ Includes your own personal leaderboard so you can play against your own rank.
    ★ Be sure to check out all of our other solitare games by us.
    ★ Built using Adobe AIR.
    ★ If you have a suggestion or comment let us know!

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