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Simple to play casino style blackjack game with an easy to follow user interface. The game follows standard casino rules.

Feel free to try this free version. If you like it consider buying the paid version (Blackjack - w/ same icon). The free version is ad supported and does not allow for saving of your earnings from game to game. Earnings are reset to $500 at start of the app.

Paid version is ad free and keeps track of your earnings from game to game. Move to SD card is only available for paid version.

Game Features:
* Includes option for up to 2 virtual players at the table
* House uses a 6 deck shoe
* Pick where at the table you want to sit.
* Change seats or game mode during game play at the end of each hand.
* Double tap to hit. Slide your finger on the screen to stand.
* No Game Over! If you run out of money the game will automatically bet $25 on your behalf.

Below is a sample of the help box. You can access the help at any time through your phone's menu button. If you have any questions or issues feel free to email me at This app will be continually supported and updated.

At the start of each new hand, the dealer will deal cards out to all players in the game starting from the dealer's left to right if there are multiple players.

Your hand is denoted with a "YOU" beneath the card.

The orange arrow on the lower left hand corner of a hand denotes the current hand in play.

Your current wager is shown above your hand.

Your current earnings are shown below the hand.


HIT - double tap anywhere on the screen except over a button

STAND - Slide/Fling anywhere on the screen

DOUBLE DOWN - If you have enough earnings to double down, an orange "Double Down" button will appear above your hand. When you double down you are doubling your bet and committing to stand after receiving exactly one more card. Your bet is automatically increased to double of your original bet or if you don't have enough earnings to double your bet it will bet your remaining earnings.

SPLIT - If the first two cards of your hand has the same value, you can split them (if you have enough earnings) into two hands with a second bet equaling your original bet on the second hand. If you can split your hand, an orange "S" button will appear on the top right of your hand.

INSURANCE - If the dealer's upcard is an ace, you will be offered the option of taking "insurance" when it is your turn. Insurance is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack and is treated independently from your main wager. When you take insurance, a side bet of half of your orignal wager is placed automatically. If you don't have earnings to cover half of your original wager, a side bet of your remaining earnings will be placed if you choose to take insurance. If you can take insurance, an orange "I" button will appear on the bottom right of your hand.

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