Blackjack Tournament



Blackjack Tournament simulates a blackjack tournament for four players. All players play against the house banker for 20 hands . You compete against other players to get the maximum credit to win the tournament. It starts with each player having a credit of 1000, place a bet amount. Two cards are dealt face up to each player and the first card face down and second card face up for the banker. Each player then has an option to double the bet, or simply draw the next card(s). A face card is counted as 10, an Ace is counted as either 1 or 11. Who gets total score more than 21 loses the hand right away. The banker then shows its hand and starts to draw cards until score reaches 17. If the banker score exceeds 21, it loses to all active players. Otherwise who has higher score wins. A blackjack hand ( either a 10 or other face card and an Ace) win all other hands. Players take turn clockwise to be the first.