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Card Counter is a nifty little app that can teach you the theory* of blackjack card counting. It is a simple plus /minus application that will adjust the count (top number) as the cards come out, as well as display the total number of cards counted thus far (bottom number).

For those that really want to learn the theory without peeking and to verify your accuracy, it'll give a double vibe at a zero count. Menu button will give you a plus count vibration option at +5 to +15 (and every plus number until you get below your choice) so that you can test your skills.

The buttons (plus, minus & count reset) are even over-sized for people like me that have sausage fingers.

*The theory: There are an equal number of high cards (A, K, Q, J, 10) and an equal number of low cards(2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Sevens thru nines are neutral, don't count 'em!
-Every time a high card comes out, hit the red minus button.
-When a low card comes out, hit the blue plus button.

The higher the positive count, the more of the cards you want are left! Always start at zero at the beginning of a shoe. If you did it right, your end count after all cards have come out should be zero.

Remember, this is for entertainment and instructional value only!

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