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Have you ever went camping or went on a field trip, and just when you were about to play your favorite card game with the guys, after going through all your stuff, you realized that you FORGOT your deck AT HOME?!?!


"Card deck platform" is an android application that replaces an actual card deck. This application should allow users to play almost any existing (and non existing) card games. The game is a multi-player game, however, this game is playable only in a face to face manner. Therefore, in order to play this game all the participants should not be far away from each other (just like in an actual card game). The platform is easy to program and thus anyone may add a custom game plugin. The application also has a free play mode. This mode allows one to play a game that was not developed yet. i.e without any programmable logic.

* Reflecting any move that other players do in your device, representing it in a relative position of where you sit according to others.

* Peeking reduce: when you tilt your device in an angle in which other players can look at your cards, the application hides your cards automatically.

* Live position system: placing players on the table according to their relative position from each other, players can move to an empty spot or swap placed between them, one cannot just move to someone else's place without him clearing his spot.

* Multi-touch functionality: each player can give each card its own angle using one finger to hold the desired card and another to swipe it in the desired direction.

* Flinging cards: when people don't feel like moving the cards all the way to where they want to put them, they can simple fling them and the cards will be thrown to that direction.

* Cool animations when cards move, added or removed from an area


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