Cincinnati poker plays similarly to Texas Hold'em except that each play has 5 cards on hand to combine with the 5 community cards to form the best poker hand.
The game proceeds as follow:-
1) You are assigned as the “dealer” in the first hand.
2) Your opponent posts an amount of money called “big blind” which is set at 20 chips in this application, you post a “small blind” which is half of the big blind or 10 chips in this application.
3) Five “hole cards” are dealt face down to each player each at a time starting with the dealer, and the first community card is dealt face up.
4) The dealer starts betting and followed by the opponent. The betting stops when everyone has a chance to bet and there is no outstanding amount to be covered.
5) The second community card is then dealt face up, and another betting round.
6) When the betting stops, the third, the fourht, and the fifth community card is dealt face up each followed by a round of betting.
7) When the betting stops, each player starting from the player next to the dealer shows his/her hole cards. The player with the best combination of 5 out of the 10 cards (5 from his/her hand and 5 from the table) will be the winner and take all the money in the table pot. In case of draw, the pot will be split.
8) In the case of betting with all-in, the winner will take money from the table pot according to his/her all-in amount. If there is any remaining money in the pot, it will be returned to the loser.
9) A player can fold at any betting round and lose the game.

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