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Drink! is a simple and fun free drinking game but it is not a kings drinking game. Drink is one of the best dice drinking games for android. This dice game only requires one phone or tablet, some drinks and shots and three or more people and then you can let the fun begin. This used to be one of our favorite drinking games in college so we're hoping you will have some drinks and enjoy it too. But be warned, this is not a drinking game for two, you will be hammered within minutes if you try this as a 2 person drinking game.

In Drink! players take turns rolling the dice. The first die tells you who does the drinking and includes assignments like "Women Only" and "To the left". The second die lets you know how much the assigned drinker drink and includes items like "2 Drinks" and "4 Drinks". Additionally, there is an "Imitate" roll where the roller performs a gesture that everyone else imitates, and the last one to do so starts drinking. Also there is "Impose A Rule" where the roller defines a rule that applies to the "assigned drinkers" for the rest of the game. When "Drink!" "Drink!" is rolled, everyone finishes their drinks!

Enjoy, but please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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