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Drinking Quest is a beautiful symphony of Tabletop RPG, Drinking Game and Pen & Paper Parody.

The adaptation of the cult series is here and ready to bring to a pub! You'll need a few pints to wash away some of this dry humour.

Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG is the first chapter in the Drinking Quest series. You'll recognize many RPG staples like dice, character sheets and saving throws but there are new stakes to this adventure: having to chug your drink in real life! Game night just gained a level.

The physical Drinking Quest games retail for $25 but this phone adaptation is only $10 and has many new features like saving your play statistics and being able to play a game just by passing a phone around. Plus there's a new chiptunes soundtrack and a few other fun bonuses.

Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG features these four quests:

Lolevel Forest: A forest full of low level goblins that seem to be in every game. Good for EASY EXPERIENCE POINTS!

Mount Icefist: The snow level features colder beer, more fearsome foes and the introduction of yeti eggs to the DQniverse.

Booze Cruise: Pirates! Grog! Throwing up over the side of the ship! All that and a traveling gambler named Chad.

Zombie Attack: Your home town of Tippler's Hollow has been taken over by zombies! Fight a horde of zombified creatures that you fought in the earlier quests! Spoiler Alert: Chad comes back as a zombie.

THIS GAME IS 2 - 4 PLAYERS because we don't support one player drinking games.

"Drinking Quest may be the best thing to happen to tabletop ever!"

— Substance TV

"DQ is like taking a liter of Jack, a deck of cards, a pen and paper RPG, some dice, with a Jameson chaser and hitting blend."

— Geekcentricity

"If you'd like to get with your RPG-loving friends and spend some time getting a little bit sauced, you could certainly do worse than either Drinking Quest [The Original Drinking RPG] or its sequel, Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder’s Yeti Adventure."

— Kotaku.com

"For all of its silliness, it holds a solid sense of refinement."

— The Dread Gazebo

"This game appeals to my love of tabletop games, nerd culture, and my rampant alcoholism."

— Troll in the Corner


Recently changed in this version

Please drink sensibly message when starting a game
Chug once per quest, then only 3 swigs each time after - this was in the rules, but not reflected in the messages in the game.

Manual dice rolling option available in new Settings screen
Misc bug fixes

Soundtrack added!

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