Fairy Tale Kingdom 13 Poker



Now, it supports the Chinese language only!(繁體中文)

Help! Naughty Alice was get real caught by Queen of Hearts and Porker soldiers again. Therefore, innocent Red-Riding Hood, big bad Wolf, lying Pinocchio, most beautiful Princess Snow White all gather together in Wonderland to save Alice. You Shrek, being the spirit chief leader of fairy tale kingdom, join this Fairy Tale Porker. Quickly come and fall into this fantastic fairy tale kingdom for the super amusing, super funny, super cutie Fairy Tale Kingdom 13 Poker.
Fairy Tale Kingdom 13 Poker is a special game of Chinese poker. It usually plays with 4 players on the table, everyone has got 13 cards and some basic scores at first. You must play it with 3-5-5-card hand in order. 3-card hand vs. 3-card hand, 5-card hand vs. 5-card hand, then they go to score independently. If someone losses all his scores, that means one game set.

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