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    Frickin13 new Xcitng card game

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    Frickin13 is a fully NEW exciting card game for phones and tablets (like Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab), supporting Android from 1.6 to 4.0.3 Especially developed for people being fond of card games.
    Frickin13 is a 2-player card game in which the goal is to fill 4 separate slots with cards that add up to exactly 13 before your opponent does. Play cards from your hand into each slot, or sabotage your opponent by using your cards to force them to go over 13. However, you’ve got to bring all your 4 slots to 13 before the deck runs out, or the game ends in a draw!

    Frickin13 comes without Ad's!

    Enjoy and have fun with FREE trial games comming with this app and decide about purchase of full version. Purchase of full version can be done instant via the app.

    Game modes: "single player" and "two player on one device".

    Setup: The app-game is for 2 players ages 7 and over. Every player starts with three cards, and they are dealt face down. The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face down.

    Next to the pile two player sets are placed having four empty slots, one set for each player.

    Game Play: Every player on turn draws a fourth card and views his/her cards trying to fill all of his four slots with cards of 13 card points in sum for each slot.
    The 13 points can be reached with as many cards as necessary.
    The slots need to be filled before the pile is empty.

    If none of the players could fill his four slots till the pile is empty, the game ends in a tie.

    Each player can discard his cards on his own slots as well as the opponents slots. If a card is discarded as the first card on a opponents empty slot, it is dealt face down. If opponent is on turn, he has to choose if to draw a card from the pile or turning the card atop of his slot. If the later the other player is again on turn.

    As long as a card is placed face down atop a slot the slot is blocked and can't be filled with other cards till the card is turned.

    Cards: Besides the two sets of number cards having values from 1 to 11 there are Joker cards that helps to fill up the slots. Joker cards can make all values from 1 to 13. A single joker is valid to fill up every slot. No matter if the slot is empty or already holding some cards. Exceptional if opponent discarded a joker on top of an empty slot. In this case the player has to discard anyone of his cards to fill up that slot.

    Scoring: When a player has filled all of his four slots the game ends. All opponent cards in hand are counted to the winner. All number cards are the same value as the number on the card (a 9 is 9 points) a Joker counts 13 points. The first player to 130 points or any other in advance agreed amount wins the game.

    In a second mode (score games mode) he receives one point. The first player to 13 points or any other in advance agreed amount wins the game.

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